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Strategic Marketing Plan


The Strategic Plan is a formal process that aims to structure effectively a business in order to achieve the objectives, both general and specific, that the company aims for the short and long Term.


Strategic Trade Planning


By researching and analyzing the business condition, we create a strategic trade plan that allows the growth of sales in a profitable manner through the proper management of customers and employees.

Digital marketing


We believe in research, analysis and planning in order to understand better where your customers are present, how your industry is interacting and why your competition is getting more sales. Our approach to increasing brand recognition is by communicating with knowledge.

How we do it?

How we do it?



We are passionate about research. We learn about your company, your history, your industry and your competition in order to establish the best way to support your business.



By compiling an extensive research we can identify the opportunities your company has and the blockages that prevents sales growth or profitability.

Strategic Planning


Along with your management team we create actions plans to develop strategies based on the results we gathered from the diagnosis.



With the planning in place we can then execute a marketing, commercial and digital communication strategy focused on clear objetives.



By implementing a clear objective and being persistent with the execution of the strategic planning, together we can deliver the results your company needs.



We design a continuous improvement model based on goals, KPIs and numerical analysis, that will lead us to strategic action plans.

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What our clients say

The marketing and commercial consultancy provided by Juan Carlos Henao to our company is a truly professional service, serious, responsible and successful. We recommend it as a very good alternative in this area.


Carolina Ordoñez Managing Director

One of the bottlenecks in a company is to make itself known and nowadays even more by digital channels. For us, an entity dedicated to the provision of services, which needs agility, ease and clarity in its information, we have solved our problem and every day increases the number of people who visit us on the website and close deals. Our website was redesigned up to professional standards with all our needs in place.

This was possible thanks to the professional, dedicated and established work of Markodi.

We congratulate your Digital Marketing Director, Catalina Salazar, for capturing our wishes and needs in such a professional and simple way.

(Restauración del Mueble | Furniture Restoration)

Jorge Gómez CEO

Juan Carlos is a serious, reliable consultant with whom we have worked for six months on key aspects for our company. I consider that the project accomplished the expected objectives within deadline and with quality.

(LG Consultores | Headhunters)

Liliana Gutierrez General Manager

Working with Catalina Salazar has been wonderful, I have felt permanent support. She is always available when i need her giving me quick and concrete answers.She is creative, she becomes involved as part of the tea, she is honest and very fulfilled.
It feels good to work with Catalina.

(Kinder Tin Marín | Kindergarten)

María Mercedes Paredes Founder

Do you think you need a Strategic Marketing Plan?

Most small or medium-sized companies have developed strengths in production or finance but do not have clear what are their marketing opportunities. They know their business but not their commercial opportunities.

Every company needs to build a strategic marketing and trade plan to identify these opportunities, define objectives and structure strategies that will contribute to the growth and development of the company.

  • How do I want my company to be perceived?
  • What do we want to communicate?
  • What do we sell and who do we sell to?
  • How do we add value to our brand?
  • How do we differentiate from the competition?
  • Which are my competitive advantages?

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